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Carb Night @ Moto PGH!


Rebuilding carbs on Nicks KTM 525sx Dual Sport conversion project and MOTO PGH's latest cafe project a 1974 cb450. The 450 has sat for a couple of years and would not fire up so tonight we are going to clean and rebuild the carbs. 

 The CB450 carbs were removed and disassembled completely.

Then everything that could be was dipped in carb cleaning chem-dip.

Carbs sat in the chem dip for 20mins each. Then we removed, re-assembled and the results are....

To sync the carbs a easy trick I use is pull the left side plug cap off, start up the bike and adjust the idle screw down until the bike is about to die at idle. Then do the same thing to the other side.

Next we did the 525sx carbs. Let me tell you these carbs are way more complicated than the cb450 carbs =). We basically did the exact same process, here are some pics.

The only hiccup we had was when putting the throttle cable back on the topside bolt broke off. Easy fix though =) new cable on ebay for $22 free shipping. More on the 525sx dual sport project and cb450 cafe project to come as we progress. 



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