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Brad South - Honda CB750 Custom Build
OK, landscape. I have been riding for 13 years now. I make the decision that I’d like a cafe racer/Brat-style motorcycle and take to the internet in a flash of angst, trepidation and giddy excitement. For a couple weeks I troll the options on used bikes for a rebuild, then I veer into the option of having my bike built. However, I’m not looking for a show ready bike as I have no intention of hiding it in a garage never to ride again. So, my list begins to dwindle as I look for a builder that restores vintage bikes to an enjoyable, ridable machine without going through the thousands of dollars to bring every part back from the dead. Then? BLAM! I land on  Moto PGH’s website along with three others. However, These guys immediately had the same vision that I did for my bike. A ridable and fun motorcycle that will not compromise when it comes to styling the thing just the way I want. I reached out to three the the builders, but Adam was the only one who was, busy I’m sure, but took my call anyway. He communicated clearly and quickly the same day, we got everything talked through on styling, and type, then we settled on a price. All this was done 4 days before I heard back from the other guys. Adam and his crew knew what they were doing, didn’t advertise anything they couldn’t do, and were professional every time I had question along the way. They have a great list of previous builds they’ve done thanks to their Instagram presence. I was confident that I chose the right place as long as they could get the thing up and running. Now the hard part was waiting for 6 weeks while they built it, and not get frustrated that the bike wasn’t done by day two of the build. But alas, the craft itself takes time and I am in love with the look and style in my head being brought to life in front of my eyes. I’ll be following up in a few months to let you know how things are going, but not before I tell everyone and their dog about who built this beast for me way out in Utah. Thanks guys, Brad



"Just sharing with you, the beauty you built!"


"I purchased a bike from you about 6 months ago. Love the Bike."


"It runs great, I love it!"


"Bike is here and it looks great!"


"Bike delivered last night, looks great started right up!"


"Got the bike and it runs great, thank you again."



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