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Projects Update!


It has been a few weeks since our last blog post. Since then we have sold the completed "Steel Bomber" the first cb450 from the MOTO PGH bomber series. We shipped it out to Maryland last week!

We have started the "Bronze Bomber" project and we have also started an unexpected Buell Cafe Racer Project - the MOTO PGH "HD". 

So far on the 72 "Bronze Bomber" We have replaced the points and set the gap properly. We are now getting spark on both sides. Also we set the static timing and have replaced the battery. Just got the carbs all clean, replaced all of the jets and the needle as well as all of the gaskets. Hoping to put everything back together tomorrow and try to fire it up. 

On the Buell so far we have removed the motor, replaced all of the gaskets, set cam timing, and powder coated some of the engine parts. The motorcycle only has 3200 miles on it but they have a common oil leak at the rocker box since Harley used a paper gasket. We have replaced it with the better metal gasket. 

We have also created the sub frame for the cafe seat to sit on. I am pretty happy with how this project is turning out!



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