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CB450 Ignition Timing Tutorial

This tutorial will work on Honda CB450's 68-74 and Honda CB500t's 75-76.Ignition Timing -Before attempting to adjust ignition timing, make sure the contact breaker point gap is adjusted properly.1. Connect the timing light to the system for the left hand cylinder properly. 2. Start the engine and allow it to idle at 1,100rpm3. Aim the index mark [...]

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Final Test Ride - McQueen 500

I did the final test run on the McQueen 500 today! Next week it will be going out to its new owner in Texas! I hope he enjoys it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Here is a video of the final test run!

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Carb Night @ Moto PGH!

Rebuilding carbs on Nicks KTM 525sx Dual Sport conversion project and MOTO PGH's latest cafe project a 1974 cb450. The 450 has sat for a couple of years and would not fire up so tonight we are going to clean and rebuild the carbs.  The CB450 carbs were removed and disassembled completely.Then everything that could be [...]

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72 cb450 custom seat

Seat made for the 72 cb450 project! Wrapped in leather, plastic seat pan with metal mounts and foam. Tomorrow I will be cleaning the carbs and replacing all of the gaskets. 

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